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Our organization is made up of County Engineers, Superintendents, Road Supervisors, Consulting Engineers, Road Foremen, Commissioners and Exhibitors. When you get a group like this together, there is a vast sharing of knowledge and always a little fun too.  Our Membership is made up of Full Members, Associate Members and our honored Life Members.

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From the general membership, an Executive Board is elected.  The Board is made up of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Three Directors and Past President.  One person is elected to fill a Director’s spot at each annual meeting while the rest of the board moves through the chairs. The Vice President has the overall responsibility of planning and hosting the State Convention.

In 2013, NDACE hired Genny Dienstmann with the North Dakota Association of Counties as our Executive Director.  Some of her duties include working with the Board of Directors, providing fiscal and administrative management, legislative support and assisting with the state convention.

Our convention is made possible because of the hard work of our members, our Board and the support of exhibitors and sponsors.  Anyone wanting to attend, exhibit and/or sponsor at our conference can fill out a Registration Form.  The NDACE County Roads Conference has many excellent speakers with a wide range of topics and you learn a great deal networking with your peers, so sit by someone new and find out what is going on in their part of the state. The State Convention is started with our annual banquet, usually on a Wednesday evening. At the banquet, Scholarship Awards, Friends of NDACE and County Engineer/Road Superintendent of the Year are awarded.  NDACE has held a convention every year since 1952 and in 2005 hosted the NACE Convention in Bismarck ND.

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