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2021 County Roads Conference Presentations

Wednesday Presentations:

NDDOT Local Government Update

FHWA Update

Bridge Inspection Program Update

NDDOT Transportation Connection

The Road to Destruction is Paved with Distrations

          Distracted Driving Brochure

          Distracted Driving - A Killer Brochure

NACE Update


Thursday Presentations:

Sand Seal Coat

Drone/Survey Data

Alternative Dust Control Update

Day Time Sign Inspection

Benefits of Staged Construction

Wise Roads Weather Data - Curt G

Wise Roads Weather Data - Jon R

Bridge in the Water


Legislative Bonding Analysis Summary





2022     Dickinson - January 26-28

2023     Minot - February 1-3

2024     Fargo - January 31- February 2

2025     Fargo - January 29-31

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